After decades of effort dedicated by civil society organizations, Taiwan has become a leader in gender equality in areas such as women’s political participation, LGBT rights, and the prevention of gender-based violence in Asia and the rest of the world. The spirit of women’s rights and gender equality is reflected in Taiwan’s laws and policies, which gradually impact lifestyle and cultural aspects and become a shared value in Taiwanese society.

The Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development (FWRPD) aims to build a resource and information exchange center for all concerned with gender issues and become a bridge that brings local work to the international stage. Echoing these goals, Taiwan Gender Equality Week (TGEW) was launched in 2020 to bring the Taiwanese perspective to the international stage. This year, in response to the theme of UN CSW68, the 2024 Taiwan Gender Equality Week will present Taiwan’s insight into promoting gender equality by strengthening institutions and financing, and spotlighting women’s contributions to the economy, gender issues, and culture in Taiwan as well! We welcome you to join the following activities and network with Taiwan’s gender equality activists!


Taiwan Main Stage and Cultural Night

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York

Taiwan Main Stage

In this event, female business owners, financial institutions, policy advocates, and other stakeholders will discuss how we can “Take a Leap Towards Gender Equality Through Financial Resilience and Inclusion.” From the experience of different stakeholders on this journey towards equality, we will learn about best practices from frontline service providers and international collaborations, and hear life stories about how economic empowerment affects women's lives.

Taiwan Cultural Night

This is an interactive side event where participants will have the opportunity to live a small piece of Taiwanese culture. In this event, participants will receive songs and blessings from our indigenous people; see the way traditional handicrafts brought economic empowerment to a local community; and experience our emphasis on quality in the increasingly popular tea culture. Join us to experience this beautiful island through all five senses!


Gender Innovation Night

Impact Hub New York

In Gender Innovation Night, we would like to spotlight the innovative power of the youth perspective in advocating for gender equality. In collaboration with Impact Hub, we will celebrate our past achievements and collect experiences, thoughts, and innovative ideas from participants regarding the implementation of DEI in all aspects of life. Your contributions will create a future “by the youth, for the youth”.


NGO CSW68 Forum

New York (In-person) & Taipei (Virtual)

Echoing the priority theme of CSW68: “Accelerating the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls by addressing poverty and strengthening institutions and financing with a gender perspective,” Taiwan’s NGOs will share their practical experiences during the NGO CSW68 Forum. Topics will include how to facilitate women’s financial resilience and social protection systems. Other topics on gender equality issues will also be featured during the Forum.

The GII measures the state of gender inequality in countries around the world by analyzing 5 indicators in the 3 dimensions of health, empowerment, and labor market.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) began compiling and issuing the Gender Inequality Index (GII) in 2010.












In the mid-1980s, Taiwan's industrial structure gradually changed from manufacturing to service, women entered the workplace in large numbers. However, the single and pregnancy prohibition clauses also generally existed.

The staff of the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Museum signed a petition demanding the Museum cancel the regulation that female employees must leave their jobs when they are 30 years old or pregnant, which led to the “Act of Gender Equality in Employment”.



In 1996, the famous feminist Peng Wanru was killed. In 30 "Feminist Fire Night Road" night march, which involved more than 20,000 people, demanding the government pay attention to women's physical safety.

Deng Ruwen, who has been subjected to domestic violence for a long time, has made society face the problem of domestic violence and asked the government to provide protective measures. In 1998, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to have a “Domestic Violence Prevention Act” and a civil law protection order.



In 2005, Taiwan’s government actively promoted "gender mainstreaming", which requires a gender perspective in all government policies and programs to end inequality.

In 2007, the President signed and promulgated CEDAW. The following year, the "Taiwan National Women's Pavilion" officially opened on March 8, Women's Day, which is the first national women's pavilion and a window for international exchange.



In 2012, Taiwan’s government set up a department to comprehensively promote gender equality and women's rights and interests by the central government.

In 2016, Taiwanese people elected their first female president.

In 2019, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage on May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia.



Gather the voices of Taiwanese NGOs and amplify women's rights and gender volume during Women's March. By holding the Taiwan Gender Equality Week and a series of activities, let the world know about Taiwan, and recognize the lovely people in this land who promote gender equality with the spirit of freedom and democracy.

The coronavirus outbreak around the world. Upholding the spirit of #TaiwanCanHelp and the resilience of every social worker, we share Taiwan's experience as a gender leader in Asia and the tolerance and resilience of female leadership in the pandemic era.



The impact of the pandemic on women is not only on their health but also on their safety and economy. In 2021, under the core spirit of #Taiwanforher, Taiwan Gender Equality Week brought together public and private sector partners from the United States, Sweden, and Kosovo to call on world leaders to promote women's economic autonomy and gender equality in investment for women’s future after the pandemic.

Taiwan's civil forces should not be underestimated! Taiwan's women/gender organization invited more than 120 global women's movement workers to speak out at the NGO CSW65 Forum! 26 parallel conferences and thematic forums have accumulated more than 20,000 visits, and the social media of the series of events has exceeded 50 million!



Women’s Power Night "Women Lead Climate Action", invited about 150 ambassadors, and representatives of Taiwan’s NGOs and government to participate, promoting foreign interaction and deepening the impression of Taiwan’s commitment to sustainable development.

Taiwan Main Stage: Climate Justice Leader’s Seminar, invited female leaders from the public and private sectors to discuss, and enhance the importance of women's participation in climate decision-making, and demonstrate the concrete results of Taiwan's promotion of climate justice.

NGO CSW66 Forum, Taiwan’s NGOs committed to promoting sustainable living and sharing local climate action with the world.



Celebrating Women in Tech: This year we present Taiwan Night in the digital era by hosting the technological fashion show in New York. The events highlighted the confidence of female leaders and the concept of sustainability in fashion design by using technology to promote the goals of zero waste and zero pollution.

More than 100 people including dignitaries from various countries, the UN community, international NGOs, and Taiwan’s advocators for women’s rights celebrated women's power and success in technology, and the mutual goal of sustainable development.


Promoting Gender Equality in the Digital Age: In the Taiwan Main Stage, stakeholders from enterprises, government, and NGOs with various backgrounds, such as medical, IT, and advocators for gender issues such as period poverty, shared their actions and insights into the challenges women face in the digital era. Furthermore, by encouraging women to be involved in STEM, we can create a safer and more equal digital environment and promote women’s rights through technology.

The forum created a lively interaction between the speakers and almost 100 participants from various countries who are committed to promoting gender equality.


The NGO CSW Forum takes place in New York every March in correspondence with the UN CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) session. It is a platform for NGOs all over the globe to gather and voice their thoughts on gender issues.

In 2023, there were 32 parallel events held by Taiwan’s NGO, including 17 in-person events in New York to share Taiwan’s practical experiences and suggestions for promoting gender equality and building a diverse era of science and technology.


TGEW is a collaboration platform for NGO networks, and also a place to demonstrate Taiwan’s commitment and efforts in achieving Gender Equality within all sectors. We, with the political leaders and civil society leaders who are fighting for climate justice and women's rights, follow global gender issues and initiate local and global actions in hopes of creating a better world.