As a member of the international community, Taiwan shoulders the responsibility to advance gender equality and promote democracy and social inclusion.
We have been committed to sharing and exchanging our experience in promoting gender equality with the world in the hope of contributing and participating in international gender equality movements.
With this in mind, as we celebrate the 2020 Bejing+25, women’s groups in Taiwan s would like to invite all feminists who believe in gender equality and to join Taiwan NGO Expos in achieving 50-50 by 2030 !

The society of Taiwan Women in Sciences and Technology (TWiST) aims to encourage girls and women to involve in STEM/STEAM and to establish international networks for girls and women in STEM/STEAM.
Our major activities are scheduling multidisciplinary symposia for female scientists as well as providing grants and Mentor-Mentee Program for young female scientists of TWiST members.

The society of Taiwan Women in Sciences and Technology

Modern Women Foundation (MWF) established the first women protection center in Taiwan since 1987. We believe that each individual should be respected and treated equally with freedom and autonomy. MWF offers services to survivors regardless of race, national origin, gender identity and sexual orientation. Our goal is to create a friendly environment of equality, security and dignity to end gender-based violence.

Modern Women Foundation

VISION | Women working together to realize one global family rooted in a culture of sustainable peace.
MISSIONS | Empowering women as peacebuilders and leaders in the family to transform the community, nation and world.
Through education, advocacy, partnership, reconciliation and humanitarian service, WFWPI aims to create an environment of peace and well-being for future generations and people of all races, cultures and religious creeds.

Women’s Federation for World Peace, Taiwan

Taiwan Coalition Against Violence (TCAV), cooperates with 40 non-governmental organizations and 34 individual experts, is a leading advocacy non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and eliminate of gender-based violence in Taiwan.
TCAV thinks highly of woman, listens to the sufferer and approach to community to focus on Elder Protection. Fulfill SDGs of prevention to ensure that all women, children and the elders are able to live free from any violence and abuse.

Taiwan Coalition Against Violence

On 7 March 2014, on the eve of Women’s Day, the City Government again took the initiative in setting up the first Office for Gender Equality at the local government level in order to implement comprehensive gender equality policies and measures and to shine a spotlight on this area. This office reports directly to the mayor’s office and has been assigned full-time employees who are responsible for consolidating city-wide gender equality policies, general planning, and coordination and oversight of related policies, bills, plans and work reports.

Office for Gender Equality, Taipei City Government

Since its inception in 1994, ECPAT Taiwan has worked relentlessly in preventing child sexual exploitation and trafficking, as well as championing child rights and online safety. With human rights as the core principle, we provide professional services to the underprivileged to nurture their abilities to spread their wings and soar high

ECPAT Taiwan

VISION | Inspired by Christian values we seek a world free of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and domestic violence.
MISSIONS | Relieve and rehabilitate misfortunate children, youths, women and their families. Promote gender justice, and advocate for social and educational reform. Empowering girls and young women so that they can realize their full potential and take charge of their lives.

The Garden of Hope Foundation

Harmony Home, Taiwan is a non-profit organization founded by Ms. Nicole Yang, who began to help people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) since 1986.
We are committed to providing shelter, care, treatment access and support for people living with and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Taiwan.Since 1997, we have started another service–sheltering and caring those of unlawful residents. Many of them are migrant workers with difficulties, victims of human trafficking, non-Taiwanese children and their mothers.

Harmony Home Taiwan

Our mission is to promote a healthier and freer society for Taiwan’s LGBTQ community through providing peer support and resources. While combating discrimination and inequality, we also aim to foster an inclusive and diverse support network within the community at large.

Taiwan Tongzhi (LGBTQ+) Hotline Association

We are a group forming by 4 NTU students, who pay attention to improve the relation between kids and fathers. We hope that in the near future, both parents will take the equal responsibility of child caring. Women can work and men can stay in home.


The Foundation aims to serve as a bridge for constructive dialogue between the government and the private sectors, and to build a center of resource and information exchange for all women in Taiwan.
We are dedicated to enhancing and developing women’s rights and have been commissioned to carry out tasks such as the research of policies, laws and regulations relating to women’s rights, to research and consult problems relating to women’s rights, to promote public awareness of women rights, and to train personnel. Our goal is to promote gender equality and women’s rights and empowerment.

Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development

Awakening Foundation was established in 1982 to advocate for women’s rights.
The mission is to:
Fight for gender equality in every aspect of life.
Monitor government policies, regulations and strategies.
Empower women and youth to take actions.

Awakening Foundation

We are Sexter, we do sex education for youngsters.
We believe that create a chat bot for teenagers with reproductive and health knowledge could give them a choice to learn about sex at time and place they feel comfortable and reliable. Therefore, we design the chat bot from teenagers’
perspective, including all the questions, resources and even wordings.
We also hold design thinking workshop to lead discussion of “Future imagination about reproductive and health” and collect feedback to improve our chat bot.


Parents Association for Pluralistic Education (hereinafter as “PAPE”) is a group of parents who believe that the acknowledgement of diversity and plurality is imperative in education and beneficial for children.
PAPE also holds that academic achievements should not be the only concern in education and calls for putting more attention and resources to broader concerns, such as gender equality education, environmental education, labor education, human rights education, etc...
PAPE has become a vocal supporter of gender equality education in Taiwan.

Parents Association for Pluralistic Education

1. To strengthen the bonds of peace by promoting better understanding and fostering friendship among all women of the Pacific and Southeast Asia;
2. To initiate and promote cooperation among the women of these regions for the study and improvement of social, economic, and cultural conditions.
3. To promote PPSEAWA International’s missions locally, by working with other NGOs, contributing to SDGs, and sharing Taiwan experiences.

Pan-Pacific and Southeast Asia Women’s Association PPSEAWA Taiwan R.O.C

MISSIONS | Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.
VISION | Zonta International envisions a world in which women's rights are recognized as human rights and every woman is able to achieve her full potential. In such a world, women have access to all resources and are represented in decision making positions on an equal basis with men. In such a world, no woman lives in fear of violence.

Zonta International

1. Welfare services for women
2. Support cultural practice and development of Indigenous Peoples
3.Improve the quality of life for Indigenous women
4. Promote gender equality and women’s right

YWCA at Pingtung